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7 CHAKRA ROCK SALT LAMP is unique because it is made out of 7 Chakra Rock Salt. This product is significantly spreading its myriad advantages for the last 2 million years. If you bring this lamp to your home or office, you will see considerable changes in your overall life.

 We all want our home or office to be tranquil and purified. We feel challenged when our surroundings are not clean, and we have to work in an unhealthy atmosphere. The same goes for the home atmosphere. Who wants a home without clean air? All airborne diseases make their way to our body if the home or work atmosphere is not clean enough.

 Now, all your problems have only one solution,i.e., 7 CHAKRA ROCK SALT LAMP. This lamp has all the capacity to purify the air wherever you keep it. Salt in it absorbs the water vapor in the air, and this procedure is known as hygroscopic. In this procedure, negative ions are produced. These ions kill bacteria, viruses in the air. Because bacteria and viruses are positively charged, so negative ions neutralize them easily. This lamp will also deodorize the air. If you have disturbed night's sleep, this lamp will help you get a sound sleep at night.

 After seeing all the benefits, do not wait further and get 7 CHAKRA ROCK SALT LAMP at just 1895 INR (tax included)  to balance your seven chakras so that you can stay healthy.

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