Do you want a non-stop money flow? Then you must keep one GREEN JADE WITH SWITCHWORD & ZIBU SYMBOL on your wallet. Yes, this set of products attracts wealth to your life.
When you bring this product, you will see that two stones are there. One is GREEN JADE with SWITCHWORD, and another one is GREEN JADE with  ZIBU SYMBOL. Let's know the significance of these stones individually.
GREEN JADE WITH SWITCHWORD: On the green jade stone, you will see one angel word or switch word number is engraved – 808 520 741. These three sets of numbers are written one by one in ascending order. This switchword number has healing power. This angelic number attracts wealth, solves court issues. Once you keep this jade stone with you, any long-standing debt or loan will get cleared within no time. By keeping GREEN JADE WITH SWITCHWORD on your wallet, you can remove unforeseen expenses.
GREEN JADE WITH  ZIBU SYMBOL: This stone has the angelic power infused in it. The more you see it, the more abudance you will attract in your life. It will attract different energies for many aspects of your life like  Healing, Passion, Love, Harmony, Forgiveness, Union, Abundance, Prosperity, etc.
GREEN JADE STONE: This stone has the power to remove any self-imposed restrictions to attract more money to your life. This green coloured fascinating stone attracts more luck and wealth.
So, if you wish to attract more luck as a whole to your life, keep one GREEN JADE WITH SWITCHWORD & ZIBU SYMBOL at just 399 INR (tax included) on your wallet or pocket.
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