Top 5 Gemstones For Love -

Top 5 Gemstones For Love

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in life. Everyone would wish that their life remains filled with love and laughter, but ups and downs are part of life. Sometimes people who were just made for each other part ways because of differences. Here, gemstones are of great help. We are going to tell you top 5 gemstones for love and relationship.

1. Lapis:

The blue colored Lapis gemstone is known as love stone. It is one of the rare gemstones that help you to connect with your soul mate in this birth. It ensures that you not only unite with your love of life but also the passion and attraction towards each other remains the same as it was in the beginning. The stone is very helpful for couples who had an arranged marriage, it helps both of them to overcome shyness and pour their heart out. Wearing Lapis gemstone beads in jewellery develops love, commitment, and loyalty in life.

2. Rhodonite:

The stunning Rhodonite helps you to first love yourself. If you cannot love yourself then you cannot love anyone else in life. The stone is famously known as savior stone for ages. Wearing Rhodonite beads in ring helps you to come out emotional trauma. It is considered as a brilliant gemstone to come out of the pain of breakup. The stone develops the quality of empathy, forgiveness and encourages brotherhood. The Chinese see Rhodonite as a stone that balances the symbol of love – Yin & Yang.

3. Sapphire:

The beautiful sapphire represents heaven. It is known as the stone of fidelity, unconditional love and commitment. All these qualities make it the top choice for married as well as couples in love. The stone also helps you to come out from the ups and downs of long distance relationship. If you are into a long term relationship then gift your partner Sapphire beads studded jewellery and see how in spite of all the distance your heart remains close. The stone also fills life of couples with positivity. The stone also ensure that the wearer remain calm even in adverse situation.

4. Moonstone:

The exquisite moonstone is a charming symbol of romance. The name in itself conveys its beautiful relationship with moon. It is believed that the stone is made of moonbeams. The sacred stone is considered as the perfect stone for lovers and married couples. It arouses never dying passion in their relationship. Also, it helps them to overcome all odds whether it is a problem of near & dear ones not agreeing for the union or one of the partners is not agreeing for culminating the relation to wedding. The stone is very popular with couples.

5. Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz gemstone is ultimate symbol of beauty and love. The stone represents passionate and unconditional love. The stone helps couples in relationship to remain true to each other. It ensures that there passion and love increase with time. People who have not found there love will find the stone to be a boon.
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