Billi Ki Jer (Cat&

Billi Ki Jer (Cat's Umbilical Cord)

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Billi Ki Jer (Cat's Umbilical Cord)


Billi ki Jer is a difficult-to-obtain item that is extremely difficult to locate. Consider yourself very fortunate if you ever come across one. The most difficult task is to locate the black cat's "jer."

It is uncommon because when a cat gives birth to a kitten, she immediately consumes her umbilical cord. Billi ki jer is also called Billi ki naal. It possesses incredible strength and produces miraculous results. It will increase your level of accomplishment in ways you cannot even imagine.

The works of Billi Ki Jer and Rituals

These rituals are extremely complex and can only be performed by those who comprehend Atharva Veda concepts and Vedic mantras; those who do not comprehend the aforementioned concepts must not attempt to use them in Tantrik rituals. If appropriate measures are not taken, the effects could be exacerbated. For those who comprehend Tantric Vidya, Billi ki Jer is crucial for attaining Tantrik Siddhi or effective magic power. Obtaining it is extremely advantageous and useful. Billi ki jer is traditionally implicit, highly advantageous, and utilised by Tantriks and villager communities.

Who needs this ? 

  • Stock market traders use to maximise their profits.
  • In order to gain power and rule in the world of politics, politicians must attain political ascendancy.
  • Investors and money bankers employ it to enhance their fortune.
  • Stockbrokers, gamblers, businessmen, high-ranking individuals, and leaders are included in this group.
  • Those who want to be Wealthy.

Importance and Advantages:

  1. It improves a person's cognitive abilities and mental acuity.
  2. It is also very useful for eliminating the negative effects of the planets Rahu, Mangal, and Shukra.
  3. Additionally magnifies the favourable effects of the planets that are in your birth chart and zodiac house.
  4. Useful for Vashikaran techniques that are extremely uncommon
  5. May resolve all of your love and relationship issues
  6. Its presence is advantageous to business and career
  7. To attract prosperity and wealth into your life.
  8. To enjoy optimal health throughout your life.
  9. Win Enemies.
  10. You and your family will be surrounded by a protective circle that will protect you.

How Should Billi Ki Jer Be Used?

This product is extremely delicate and must be handled with care to maximise its benefits.
It should be wrapped in red cloth and placed in the cash box.
Also suitable for offices, shops, homes, and factories.

Billi Ki Jer Is Utilized In:

Vashikaran Methods

Some significant pujas, including Mohinipuja and numerous other tantrik pujas

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