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The black horseshoe is a symbol of protection and good luck that has its roots in ancient Greece and Christianity. The horseshoe is believed to ward off evil and misfortune, and it is hung with seven nails as seven is considered a fortunate number. In Western nations and India, horseshoes were originally made from iron which was believed to have magical properties and could withstand fire. Today, hanging a horseshoe at home or gifting a lucky horseshoe charm is common in many cultures.

The front right leg horseshoe of a horse is considered extremely lucky and powerful. Black horseshoes are regarded as even more powerful and are believed to keep the place protected against evil forces. To hang a lucky horseshoe, different cultures have different beliefs. Some hang the horseshoe with its ends facing upwards, as this position denotes a container/bowl that can store good luck. Others hang it upside down, as this brings prosperity and good luck.

According to Vastu and Feng Shui, hanging a horseshoe at the main entrance of the home can attract favorable energies and good fortune. The horseshoe also attracts spiritual energy into the home and fights off the negative effects of planet Saturn. People also hang horseshoes above their beds to keep away nightmares or make a wish by touching the horseshoe before leaving for important meetings or events.

The black horseshoe is a powerful symbol of protection and good luck that has been used for centuries. Its importance in different cultures can be seen in the various beliefs surrounding how to hang a horseshoe and its potential benefits, including attracting positive energies and fighting off negative ones.

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