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Haridra Ganapati- Tantric Form of Ganesha

As indicated by "Mudgala Purana," an old book on Lord Ganesha, 32 types of Ganesha are accepted to happen. Haridra Ganesha is one of them. The word Haridra signifies "Turmeric." Haridra Ganpati is made from "Turmeric roots" and considered extremely fortunate and favorable.

He is portrayed as having three eyes. He sits on a brilliant seat. He is yellow-complexioned like turmeric and wears yellow garments. He has four arms and conveys a pasha (noose), an ankusha (elephant urge), a modaka (sweet), and the danta (his own messed up tusk) in his four hands. He moves his fans nearer by the noose while drives them the correct way by the Ankush.

The Dakshinamnaya refers that Haridra Ganapati has six arms and sits on a jeweled seat, notwithstanding his yellow tone and yellow frocks. His three right hands hold the Ankush and show the krodha-mudra (the offer of outrage) and abhayamudra (the offer of security). His left hands convey the pasha, a parashu (fight hatchet), and presentations the varadamudra (offer of help giving).

Different references to the divinity portray his face to be ointed with turmeric; him wearing a yellow yagnopavita ("consecrated string") other than his turmeric composition and garments. He is depicted holding a pasha, an Ankush, and a staff.

Legend of Haridra Ganesha:

According to Vedic Texts, Maa Peetambara was once satisfied to such an extent that she favored Ganesha with a brilliant emanation and composition. He was clad in peetambar (yellow material), he ate brilliant laddoos, and Riddhi (Wealth) and Siddhi (Skill), both clad in yellow garments and stunning gold adornments; were situated close to him. Third energy Buddhi (Intellect) likewise came to him and appended herself with Ganesha for all time.

Shri Maa Bagalamukhi obliged, and she revealed to Shri Haridra Ganesha that "Whoever venerates you ceremonially will acquire whatever they request – and that too rapidly. Those whose brilliant period of life is going to start will begin to revere Shri Haridra Ganesh, Worship and Mantra. This type of Ganesha is petitioned God for the best of luck and accomplishment in wants. At the point when someone, in particular, is attempting to hurt you, a man who is skilled in the study of mantra can prevent him from making any mischief by contemplations on the turmeric-shaded type of Ganesha with the beneath said Haridra mantra sending that energy on that individual to prevent him from doing any damage.

The person who does Upasana and puja of Haridra Ganapati symbol is honored with his work, business, undertaking, and desires. Rosary of bulbs of turmeric ought to be utilized for Mantra contemplation. Yellow garments and yellow shading asanas ought to be utilized.

108 repetitions. "Om Haridra GaNapatye Namah" and "Om Hum Gum Glaum"(We will send Haridra Ganesha stimulated and favored according to the Vedic Rituals and Ganesha Puraan). Haridra Ganapati is venerated for abundance and prosperity.

Haridra Ganapati is the supporter of the Haridra Ganapatya organization, one of the six significant schools of the Ganapatya order, which views Ganesha as the Supreme Being. The Haridra Ganapati adherents consider him as head of all gods including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Indra; the master of the sage Bhrigu, the master of divine beings – Brihaspati, the snake Shesha and so on; the one which the best information and the one are revered by the gods who make the universe. Venerating Haridra Ganapati is accepted to give moksha (liberation). These sectarians used to mark by iron the head of Ganesha and his tusk on their palms.

Haridra Ganapati is a Tantric type of Ganesha. Extraordinary mantras and yantras are utilized in his worship. For the most part, ceremonies, including his prayers, are performed to satisfy material destinations, particularly acquiring helps identified with sexuality. He is likewise connected with six customs of abhichara (employments of spells for noxious purposes). The proficient can make the objective endure hallucinations, be overwhelmed with overpowering fascination or envy, or be subjugated, incapacitated, or slaughtered.

Meaning of Haridra Ganpati:

The idol of Haridra Ganesha might be kept in the real money box, business places, almirah, Pooja altar, and so forth for abundance, good karma, and upgrading business possibilities.

According to Vedic Astrology, Haridra Ganesha upgrades the impact of Mercury, Jupiter, and Budhaaditya Yoga, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga in the Astrological chart.

Haridra Ganpati likewise invalidates the doshas (or antagonism) brought about by malefic or frail Mercury/Jupiter in a person's chart.

Haridra Ganesha is prayed during the worship of Goddess Baglamukhi for protection from adversaries, opponents, or contenders.
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