Keep HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP FIRE BOWL at home or office, and see the changes in the atmosphere around you. Are you surprised how a simple fire bowl lamp can change the atmosphere around us? Well, this product has Himalayan salt, and all the magic is done by this salt.

 No matter where we stay, we have to make sure that the place is healthy for our living. Suppose we spend 8 to 9 hours at work then the rest of the time we spend at our home. And we have to make sure that our surrounding is healthy and bacteria-free. But how is it possible to make any place free from impurities? Do we have to clean all the time to make sure our living place is healthy for us? Not really! We have an easy solution for you.

 Keep HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP FIRE BOWL at your home or office and see how your atmosphere changes with this single product. Yes, this lamp fire bowl can purify the atmosphere. It radiates negative ions, and these ions kill bacteria. In a way, it purifies the surrounding, reduces radiation, increases our well-being. It can detoxify our mind, body, and soul.

 So, if you want to live fit and healthy, HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP FIRE BOWL is a must-have for your home or workplace. Get this product at just 1299 INR (inclusive of all taxes) and make your surroundings free from bacteria.

 For more information, connect with us at any time! We are always ready to help you out!


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