Do you want to strengthen your mind and body with a single rosary? You must bring home one LAPIS LAZULI MALA. This gemstone has the power to protect your mind from any negative emotions. Keeping this rosary with you will ensure better spiritual connectivity.

 Do you want to improve your love connection by ensuring more fidelity? Keep a LAPIS LAZULI MALA with you. You will see how any negative emotion gets eradicated with the help of this rosary. This gemstone has the power to build our inner strength.

 Keep one LAPIS LAZULI MALA with you to see changes in overall life. It has the power to remove ingenuity from your life. If you want to make your gut feeling stronger, this rosary is the best for you. For bringing more truthfulness in your life, this rosary will be more beneficial for you. This beautiful looking rosary will strengthen your mind from negative emotions. If you meditate with LAPIS LAZULI MALA, it will bring more awareness to your life. So, after using it, you will see several changes in your life on an emotional level.

Avail of your 108 beads  LAPIS LAZULI MALA (8MM) at just 1200 INR (inclusive of all taxes), and you will see how your overall life is changing in a better direction.

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