Do you want your peace of mind back in your life? Do you want to change your destiny? If a single product can give you both these benefits, you will never think twice before bringing it home. Yes, keep a MOTI SHANKH always with you, and you will see how your luck is changing instantly. Keep this product at your home temple or any sacred place of your home or workplace; you will notice the immense positive effect of this white coloured, cone-shaped conch shell within no time.
Once you keep MOTI SHANKH at your home temple, you must know the procedure of worshipping it. After taking bathe early in the morning, wear a clean and fresh clothes, and place this conch shell in front of it. Light ghee lamp in front of it and offer vermillion on it. And, by taking any rosary of 108 beads, chant a mantra.
MOTI SHANKH is made from white pearl. So, it has a calming effect on our minds. Also, this conch shell can deal with any issue related to Moon. If you keep this conch shell always with you, it will increase your business opportunities. Also, you will reap benefits in your career from any overseas connections. MOTI SHANKH will attract more name and fame to your life.
Bring a MOTI SHANKH at just 150 INR (tax included), and you will see how your overall luck is flourishing in lesser time.
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