Some Cheaper Substitutes of Gemstones -

Some Cheaper Substitutes of Gemstones

The gem stone bead market is flooded with artificial lab-manufactured gemstones that possess the similar look as the first ones.

Listed below are 3 top gemstones with their cheaper substitutes. The impact of these substitute gemstones is found to be same or like the main bead (also called as mula ratna).

Yellow sapphire is also called as Pukhraj or even Peeta mani due to its conspicuous yellow tinge. It is thought to strengthen the effect of planet Jupiter. Together with gold, Yellow Sapphire forms a solid pair guaranteeing long lasting wealth, fortune, good health and marital bliss. However, it's a rare gemstone and hence, includes a fairly obnoxiously higher cost. The per carat price of yellowish might be anywhere between $300 to $45,000 depending on the source, colour and the consistency of the gemstone.

The top option for your own yellow sapphire is topaz. Yellow topaz has more or less similar advantages as that derived by sporting Yellow Sapphire. Citrine gemstone is also a rather effective less expensive option for Pukhraj.

Healing attributes of yellow sapphire replacements:

- Cures kidney stones
- Improves metabolism
- Cures sleeplessness and heart-related ailments
- Boosts finances

Blue Sapphire:

Blue Sapphire is a enchanted gemstone associated with the planet Saturn. Also called as Neelam, significance blue Sanskrit, this bead is known to heal nearly every misery called the humanity. However, blue sapphire may also augment bad luck if worn at the incorrect time or if it's of an unapproved size.
That's the reason why many astrologers choose to recommend their followers cheaper substitutes which possess the milder impact than blue sapphire. In addition to the effects, these substitutes are also easily available and cost far larger than the mula ratna--Blue sapphire.

The best blue sapphire substitute is Iolite. It's often referred to as Shanpriya meaning "beloved of the Saturn God." Another high substitute with enthralling impact as the Blue Sapphire is that the Amethyst. The two Iolite and Amethyst ward off the evil spirits and alleviate poverty.

Warning: As per astrological guidelines, blue sapphire, Amethyst, along with Iolite shouldn't be worn with red coral, ruby or pearl.


Diamond is the hardest known naturally occurring material on Earth. Since time immemorial, diamonds have functioned and mastered the bead collection of aristocratic families all around the world. Most religions quote pearl as the purest and most effective gemstone with the aura to heal aggression, infertility, and melancholy.

Recently, leading diamond replacements to flood the market are the Cubic Zirconia, also known as as American Diamonds. While zircon might not be as hard as diamond, they're equally as effecting in curing and healing astrological issues because the mula ratna.

Not long ago, many gemstones that were artificially synthesized were dusted out there due to their infamous reputation. But with new laboratory analyzing regulations and market worth, the less costly substitutes of the bead are making the equally powerful statement on the collectors' edition.

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