BHOJPATRA SHEET is a must-have for any home temple for every house. It is one divine energy attracting sheet, which must not be skipped in any house. If you and your family want to feel more blessed, you must bring this spiritual product home.   

 We decorate our home temple with many divine and auspicious items. Our purpose of keeping them is to attract more blessings to our life. If you're long deprived of success, wealth, health, and abundance, you must not forget to keep one BHOJPATRA SHEET in your home temple. Many people are not much aware of this product. It is divine power attracting sheet, which is made from a Divine Tree. It is used for various spiritual purposes. When you do fire ritual (havan) at your home, our Hindu priest asks for BHOJPATRA SHEET for worship purpose.

 If your life is going haywire even after putting so much effort in the workplace or personal life, then keeping BHOJPATRA SHEET will make a difference in life. It is used for Yantra Writing, Money attraction. A single sheet comes in 8.5-inch height and 11-inch width.

 If you want to feel more blessed, then keep one BHOJPATRA SHEET  at your home temple. Avail of a single sheet at just 200 INR (tax included) and attract more name, fame, and abundance to your life.

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