Astrology Remedies for Money from Best Astrologer in Chennai Vamanan Seshadri

Astrology Remedies for Money from Best Astrologer in Chennai Vamanan Seshadri

Who does not desire Astrology Remedies for Money? Money is our only resource and is known to make our lives comfortable. If someone claims that money is not important to him or her, that person is undoubtedly lying. Here Chennai Best Astrologer ShriGuru.Vamanan Seshadri gives you Astrology Remedies for Money.

First and foremost, you must ensure that Lord Kuber is pleased in order to be blessed with abundance. He is the God of Wealth, Lord of Planet Mercury and if you keep him satisfied, you will never lack for anything in life. So how do you keep Lord Kubera happy? Here are some Astrology Remedies for Money:

Place the cash safe or cash cabinet along the south or south-west wall of your home and ensure that the door faces north. Lord Kuber's direction is north, so opening the locker in this direction enables Him to Bless your house with Wealth.

Place a mirror in front of the cash safe so that it reflects the image of the safe in order to attract wealth.

Never accept free items or services, nor should you offer free services. Ensure that monetary compensation is obtained.

Money earned through fraudulent means is never retained. Always keep this in mind when conducting business.

Donate a portion of your monthly earnings to charity. This will earn you the blessings of the goddess Lakshmi, ensuring your prosperity and happiness.

Treat all the women with most respect. They are manifestations of the goddess Lakshmi.

Place the Energized Kuber Yantra on a red cloth in your place of worship and pray to Him daily for blessings.

Astrology Remedies for Money

Plant a Tulsi plant inside the home or in backyard and lit a ghee-filled earthened lamp in front of the plant every evening.Money Goddess Lakshmi will never leave your home, and she will always bestow blessings of abundance and prosperity upon you.

Donate White Colored Sweets to Humans and Cows Please the Money Goddess Lakshmi & Kubera.

Never keep or use Broken utensils inside the home. It Attracts Negativity and Malefic Planetory Effects.

Every Friday, offer water to Lord Vishnu (ShaliGram) through a conch. This greatly pleases the goddess Lakshmi.If you don't have Shaligram, You can alternately do it to a Vishnu idol. If that too not possible, Offer Aromatic Flowers and Tulsi to Vishnu Temple.

Each day, after taking a bath, pray to Money Goddess Lakshmi and apply a tilak made of saffron to your forehead.

Feed the cow green grass every Wednesday to overcome a financial crisis.

On any given Friday of the month, provide Kheer/Milk Payasam to three unmarried women and give them yellow cloth (Like Blouse Bits or Saree) and Money.This pleases the Money Goddess Lakshmi, and she will bless your home with abundant wealth.

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