Is your life going in the wrong direction even after putting more effort into work or personal life due to the malefic effect of Planet Saturn? Burn BLACK CANDLE at home or office every day; you will see how life is taking a positive turn within no time. Don't come to any conclusion without using it. Many of you might be raising your eyebrows, thinking about how a candle can remove the ill-effects of Saturn from your life. You must have tried many other remedial products to get rid of this effect, now try these candles and see changes with your own eyes.

 Our life goes in the wrong direction when Planet Saturn becomes dissatisfied with our knowingly or unknowingly done wrong deeds if you see that your long-awaited success is taken away from you. Suppose you see that your money is stuck somewhere and you're unable to recover it if you see consistent health issues in your life. You must understand that all these are happening due to Shani (Saturn) Dosha.

 To get rid of Shani Dosha, burn a full BLACK CANDLE every Saturday night between 8 and 9 pm. These candles are also used for various magical rites. It is more effective than a sesame lamp, which is also known for removing the malefic effect of Planet Saturn.

 So, to remove the ill-effect of Planet Saturn, bring home BLACK CANDLE (a set of 5) at just 250 INR (inclusive of all taxes) and see how your life changes in a positive direction.

 For more guidance, consult our Astrologer Tantrik.ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri and know more remedial benefits of Black Candle to nullify Planet Saturn's effects.



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