This 108 beads 6 mm BLACK TOURMALINE MALA has the immense power to repel negative energy from our surroundings. If you keep it with you, you will feel positively charged all the time. No negative energy and negative thought can hinder your life if this rosary remains with you.

 Sometimes, we get caught in the web of negativity. Do you always feel negative energy around you? Do you feel low in life? You must find a perfect solution for it. BLACK TOURMALINE MALA is that respite for you. Black tourmaline has the power to create a connection between Earth and the human spirit. This semi-precious stone is electrical in nature. It is a grounding stone.

 When you wear  BLACK TOURMALINE MALA, you will visibly notice how this rosary can protect you from the negative energy. It removes the negative energies from any space or within the person. It safeguards the human souls from destructive power, which may create a psychic attack on them. Black tourmaline can purify, cleanse, and transform heavier energies into a lighter vibration. It can also strengthen the immune system. Plus, if you keep this rosary with you, it will help you in detoxification. Does Not only Black tourmaline repel negative energy but also attracts positive energy to your life.

 Avail of  BLACK TOURMALINE MALA at just 1199 INR (inclusive of all taxes), and you will see how positive energy is flowing into your life.

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