That yellow-colored CITRINE ORGONITE PYRAMID is very much beneficial to cleanse someone's aura and attract optimism in life. Due to its bright yellow color, this pyramid becomes the point of attraction wherever you keep it. Let's see how it works and why it is beneficial for us.

Sometimes, we wonder why one person has a magical power to attract everyone. We often say that his/her aura is good. On the flip side, a few person's aura is that negative; people hardly want to communicate with him/her. The person's positive vibes make other people around him or her comfortable with that person, whereas negative vibes repel everyone around us. Thus, staying positive and sending positive vibes to the other person is extremely important. Our vibes get affected when the aura is not unmistakable. But, we keep wondering how to clear our aura and make ourselves magnet to everyone.

CITRINE ORGONITE PYRAMID is that magical pyramid used to clear the aura and make your vibes stronger. Keeping it with you in your home or office will give you more positivity in life. Orgonite citrine can bring more optimism in life. Also, a manifestation of your dream is possible if you keep this pyramid with you. It is used for Reiki healing, crystal healing, Vastu adjustment, feng shui, meditation.

So, it is to say that if a single piece of a CITRINE ORGONITE PYRAMID can do wonders in your life, then buying it for just 650 INR (inclusive of all taxes) will never be a loss for you.


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