Karungali Malai Benefits

Karungali Malai Benefits Pure Karungali Products

Karungali Malai Benefits Pure Karungali Products

Benefits of Karungali : Ebony Wood, (Karungali) known for its black and durable qualities, belongs to the evergreen tree family. However, it's worth noting that Ebony wood can be derived from various tree species, including Ceylon Ebony, which is predominantly found in Sri Lanka and Southern India.

Karungali Mala is renowned for its capacity to alleviate depression and anxiety while providing a soothing effect on one's nerves. Wearing Karungali Mala offers a multitude of health benefits, addressing issues related to the skin and nerves, strengthening bones, and warding off various health ailments.

Karungali is a tree revered for its extraordinary properties, encompassing devotion, medicinal prowess, and miraculous capabilities. This tree is believed to attract electromagnetic radiation and waves, and its wood is utilized in various applications, such as temple gopurams, temple idols, statues, and sticks.

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In terms of astrology, Karungali is associated with the planet Mars and possesses the ability to mitigate the adverse effects of Mars. Individuals who wear Karungali products may experience a reduction in the negative impacts associated with this planet.

Who can wear a Karungali? 

Karungali can be worn by individuals of all ages, from children to adults, to reap its benefits. Those afflicted by adverse Mars effects in their horoscopes can find relief by wearing Karungali Mala, as it has the power to counteract these influences. Students can use Karungali to enhance their memory and intellectual abilities for better academic performance.

For businesspeople and entrepreneurs, Karungali can bring about significant business development and increased profits. Job seekers and employees can also benefit from Karungali, as it can aid in securing good jobs and advancing in their careers. Additionally, Karungali products can provide protection against the evil eye, witchcraft, and negative forces.

Ebony Wood Karungali Kattai

Karungali is available in various forms, including bracelets, malas, and bangles, making it adaptable for human use and more beneficial in these forms.

The advantages of using Karungali include fostering spiritual well-being, reducing the malefic effects of Mars in one's horoscope, receiving blessings from deities believed to reside in Karungali, and mitigating the negative influences of celestial bodies known as Navagrahas. It can also be used to invoke and worship the family deity, known as Kula Deivam.

Furthermore, Karungali serves as a remedy for ailments like leprosy, ringworm, cough, asthma, and diabetes, with the stem bark being employed for medicinal purposes, particularly in Tamil Nadu.

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