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Manappulli Bagavathy Amma

Manappulli Bhagavathy sanctuary, renowned for the fabulous Vela festival, is situated at the core of Palakkad town in a peaceful town called Yakkara. This is a tastefully engaging sanctuary devoted to Goddess Bhagavathy, viewed as Lord Siva's girl, Bhadrakaali, resulting from the hallowed "Jada" or Lord Shiva during Dakshayaga.


The sanctuary folklore is that once, Neelan, an Asura, gave a parcel of unsettling influences to this zone's individuals. Individuals grumbled about his agonies and hazard to Parasuraman and are encouraged to take up the matter with Lord Paramasiva. Paramasiva, by manifestation, appeared as Bhadrakali and slaughtered Neelan. After this, Bhadrakali became to be adored as Manappulli Sree Bhadrakali Amman. This divinity is an extremely amazing god accepted to shower thriving, to avert agonies, fulfill all longings, shield from all indecencies of her actual devotees.

The sanctuary is arranged in a quiet and peaceful spot, has a wonderful lake on the south side. Separate sannadhies are there for Lord Ayyappa, Kala Bairavar outwardly of the fundamental sanctuary. Inside the holy place, there are sannadhies for Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, and so forth.

Sthala Puranas says that this initially had a place with a popular righteous Kerala Brahmin family Mattapalli Bhadrakali Mana. The Brahmins lived on the banks of waterways and performed Yagas on the stream beds, and this spot was called Yaga-Kara. Hence, this zone was known as Yagakkara, and later it took the current name of Yakkara. The sanctuary is situated in East Yakkara. It is accepted that Bhagavathy Amma's divinity was on the West Yakkara and later on moved to East Yakkara and the Brahmin devotee used to play out his supplications and Pooja to the god at the kitchen (Madappalli) in his home. Later on, Temple was worked there, and the sanctuary was referred to overtime as Manappallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Amman of Yakkara.

It is accepted that the sword utilized by Mother Bhagavathi to overcome and obliterate the evil spirits is as yet the buoy tank. During the Vela celebration, an occasion of Mother Bhagavathi taking out the sword from the Tank called Velichapadu is commended. An enthusiast had with the impact of Mother Bhagavathi jumps into the tank, bring the sword and spot it in the hallowed place of Mother for pujas. Taking care of the aficionados additionally happens on this day called Vela Oottu. During this celebration, 15 elephants remain in line with Pancha Vadyam, Pandi, and Panjari Melas.

The Mother :

Mother Manapulli Bhavathi, with Her dark appearance, is pointing toward the north. She is holding a pike, skull, sword, and reinforcement in Her four hands. She is in her best clothing, wearing gems. She has the third eye on the temple as Lord Shiva and four sharp long teeth. Those exposed to treachery implore Her for alleviation. It is said that Her long teeth address four Vedas.

Consistently there are three fundamental poojas to the god. One can hear the blasting of Vedi (Kathina) at the hour of Deeparadhana (aarathi) consistently on three events. The sound is heard for around a few kilometers, and each one is intellectually helped to remember the poojas at the sanctuary as a consistent and truly living Force.

The sanctuary parades are led by and large with around seventeen elephants, and the primary god with full blossom adornment and decorations will be taken. Manapulli vela celebration is renowned in this sanctuary, during which time firecracker shows, panchavahya exhibitions, Ottam thullal, Kathakali moves, Discourses, and different social expressions are performed. Nithya Seva to the god is proceeded according to a specified timetable shown close to the sanctuary office counter.
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