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7 Chakra Stone Mala (8MM)

7 Chakra Stone Mala (8MM)

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It is our spiritual centre. It increases unity. It's our thinking centre. It gives wisdom, ability, and intellect.
The bluestone is referred to as Throat chakra. It's our expression chakra. It enhances communication, willpower and creativity.
The green rock is known as the Heart chakra. It's our love centre. It gives love, patience and hope.
The yellowish stone is popularly referred to as solar plexus chakra. It's our power centre. It gives confidence and self-esteem.
The orange rock is known as creativity centre. It gives happiness and career.
The reddish stone is known as the Root chakra. It's our survival centre. It joins with family and controls anxiety and insecurities.
The quartz crystals provide peace and harmony and unite all 7 chakras.

How to use:
Before sporting 7 Chakra Mala, meditate while keeping the mala on your own hand.

Think of the qualities you want the stones to integrate and use it.

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