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Kulasundari Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Shukla Paksha Navami And Krishna Paksha Saptami Tithi Ruled By Kulasundari Nityadevi

The Name For Kulasundari Nitya's Complexion Is Lohitaangee. Lohita Is Both Red And The Colour Of Copper. Normal Usage For Red Is Raktavarnaam, So It Is Correct To Consider The Complexion To Be Copper. Lohitakaara Is Used. Aakaara Means Shape Or Form; Therefore, It Cannot Mean Colour. In Accordance With Lohita's Interpretation, The Shaktis Serve The Devi In The Form Of Snakes Or Serpents. Her Attire And Accessories Are Red In Colour. Her Six Faces Are Reminiscent Of The Lotus Flower. She Radiates Splendor In Her Ruby-set Crown Adorned With Rare Gems And Jewels. She Is Very Fortunate. She Displays Her Grace To Her Devotees While Seated On A Red Lotus And Experiencing Extreme Bliss. She Holds A Coral Rosary, A Lotus, A Bowl Studded With Jewels, And A Bowl Filled With Jewels. Citrus Fruit, A Book, A Red Lotus, A Gold Stylus, A Jewel Garland, And A Conch Are In Her Ten Hands, While Her Other Two Hands Display The Explanation Gesture Vyakhyana Mudra And The Blessing Gesture Varada Mudre. Gods, Gandgarvas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, Daityas, Sages, Siddhas, And Vidyadharas Sing Her Praises.Kulasundari Nitya Bestows Upon Her Devotees An Abundance Of Speech And Brilliance.