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Sarvamangala Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

Sarvamangala Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Sri Sarvamangala Nityadevi rules Shukla paksha Trayodasi and Krishna paksha Tritiya.

Sri Sarvamangala Nitya is seated on a 16-petaled lotus surrounded by an 8-petaled lotus surrounded by two squares with four doors. This is a summary of her yantra:

She has a golden sheen and is adorned with jewel-encrusted jewelry and a crown. Her eyes radiate kindness. She holds the Matulunga fruit in her right hand and distributes wealth to her devotees with her left. She is surrounded by Shakti devatas, who are her equals in every way.

It is said that there are 76 of these shakti Devatas.

She rules over the 12 kalas (parts or digits) of the sun, the 16 kalas of the moon, and the ten kalas of Agni, the fire (10). This totals 38, and her attendants are counted twice because a consort accompanies each.

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