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Mahavajreswari Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

Mahavajreswari Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Sri Vajreshawari Nityadevi rules over the Shukla paksha Shasti and Krishna paksha Dashami tithis

For those born in Valarpirai Shasti or Theipirai Dasami

Vajreshawari Nitya, also known as Mahavajreswari, has a red complexion and wears red clothing. Additionally, her garlands and ornaments are red. Her three eyes are looking mercifully and coolly at the devotees. A brilliant ruby-encrusted crown enhances her beauty. She Is Holding A Noose, Goad, Sugarcane Bow, And Dadimi Flower Arrows In Her Hands. She Is Comfortably Seated Within The Chakra, Which Is Comprised Of A Triangle, A Hexagon, A Lotus, And A Square. Her face, which resembles a lotus, is enchanting with a smile. Shaktis With Similar Appearances Surrounding Her On Rafts And Swinging Around Her As She Is Positioned In The Middle Of The Red Lotuses Scattered Across The Ocean. She is chatting merrily with her Shaktis. Thus, one must ponder the mantra Nayika Vajreshawari.

In his Bhashya on Dadimi Kusumaprabha, Sri Bhasuranandanatha describes Dadimi as a tree that produces only flowers and no fruit. Ambudhee does not have to be an ocean; it can also be a large lake with abundant lotuses.

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