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Shrinitya Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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The Nitya Devi for Shukla Dashami and Krishna Shashti is ShriNitya Nitya Devi.

She gleams with a ruby-encrusted crown, is adorned with ruby gems, wears a red silken robe, and has six lotus-like faces with radiant smiles. She has three eyes on each of her six faces, for a total of 18. She possesses 12 arms. In her left six arms, she holds a noose, rosary, rope, sugarcane bow of the Pundra variety, iron club, and trident. In her right six hands, she holds a prod, a book, a flower arrow, a lotus, a human skull, and a gesture assuring us of her fearlessness. (abhaya Mudra) With a focused mind, one should meditate on the goddess in this form.