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Sphatik Rudraksha Bracelet (8MM)

Sphatik Rudraksha Bracelet (8MM)

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This beautiful combination bracelet of Rudraksha and Sphatik beads is made from high-quality stretch elastic. This Rudraksha bracelet is an excellent piece of jewelry and can also receive unlimited spiritual and health benefits. Rudraksha is a mystic, magical, and hypnotic being that has been influencing people since ancient times. Rudraksha is scientifically proven to prevent the aging process and balance the vital chakras. Babas and Naga Sadhus often wear rudraksha. Rudraksha, a powerful and energy-packed bead, is beautiful. Rudraksha can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stress. It can give you mental peace, calmness, concentration power and help you attain a peaceful mind. Sphatik can amplify, store, transmit and absorb energy, as well as regulate and release it. It vibrates at a steady frequency of 786,000 pulses per second. It is a good receiver and emitter for electromagnetic waves. Sphatik is often used in Metaphysical science because it blocks negative energies, promotes peace and harmony, and can also be used to harmonize the aura. Sphatik vibration emits waves faster than light because it moves more quickly than light. This bracelet features five Mukhi Rudraksha beads as well as high-quality sphatik beads. The beads measure approximately 8mm in size. The bracelet is made of stretch elastic and can be worn on almost any adult's wrists worldwide.



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