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Vijaya Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

Vijaya Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Tithi Nitya Devata For Shukla Dwadashi And Krishna Chaturthi Is Vijaya Nitya

There are five faces and ten hands-on Vijaya Nitya. She has three eyes on each of her looks. Her crown is adorned with a crescent moon. She has all ornaments, and her yellow attire is brilliant. The radiance of her body is comparable to the rising sun. She is smiling softly. She holds the conch, the noose, the iron club, the bow, and the kalhara flower in her left hand. She has the discus, the goad, the sword, the arrow, and the pomegranate in her right hand. She is seated on a lion during the devotional worship, even though she is considered hideous. Surrounded by her attendant Shaktis, mounted on tigers. She Is Seated In A Relaxed Position. Even the Saktis are seated comfortably during worship. All deities have similar facial characteristics and wield comparable weapons.

Following the drawing of two squares with four doors and eight paths.

Two circles are drawn within it, and an octagon is removed. Within It Is the Legendary Lotus with Sixteen Petals. Then, a second lotus with eight petals invoked the deity within. Vijaya Nitya And Her Shaktis Are Worshipped As Her Name Implies, Vijaya Nitya Bestows Victory In Argument And In Combat.

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