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Amethyst Bracelet Premium Cut

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Healing powers.

Amethysts help keep negative energy off. They are also beneficial for anxiety relief and anxiety disorders.
Safety. Used by a number of cultures as a type of protection against poor spirits or harmful situations. Most who practice healing with crystals say the amethyst is sensitive to tap into the spiritual energy of the afterlife.
Mysticism. Some state this semi-precious stone helps boost one's work together with instinct.
Purity. Cleanse your environment of toxic energy by putting an amethyst gem in the sun on your windowsill. For the full energy cleansing effect, do this daily.
Peace. Meditations having an amethyst stone muster the highest levels of self-awareness and balance.
Dreams. If you have to take charge of your dreams or establish a prosperous sleep program, sleeping with the amethyst beneath your cushion helps.

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