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Bhagamalini Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

Bhagamalini Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Bhagamalini Nitya -

Shukla paksha Dwiteeya and Krishna paksha Chaturdashi Tithi governed by Sri Bhagamalinee Nityadevi Dhyanasloka:

Bhagamalinee Nitya Devi has the color of the rising sun, which is a combination of Rose and Red. The face with the lovely smile has three eyes seated in Padmasana. She holds a Kalhara flower, a Noose, and a Pundra sugarcane bow in her left hand, and a Lotus, a Goad, and the arrows of the flowers in her right hand. Kalhara is a water lily also known as Kumuda Pushpa and night lotus. Ikshu means sugarcane, but Pundrekshu is sugarcane with sectarian markings. She is encircled by the energies of Madana, Cupid, Akshara Shakti, and the alphabet. They are ecstatic with delight.

Nitya Bhagamalini, whose name alludes to a budding yoni, is the second phase of the waxing Moon and possesses a remarkable and very lengthy vidya (mantra) that reads:

"Aim Hrim Shrim Am Aim Bhagabuge Bhagini Bhagodari Bhagamale Bhagavahe Bhagaguhye Bhagayoni Bhaganipatini Sarvabhagavashankari Bhagarupe Nityaklinne Bhagasvarupe Sarvani Bhagani Me Hyanaya Varade Rete Surete Bhagaklinne Klinnadrave Kledaya Dravaya Amoghe Bhagavicce Kshubha Kshobhaya Sarvasatvan Bhagodari Aim Blum Jem Blum Bhem Blum Mom Blum Hem Blum Hem Klinne Sarvani Bhagani Me Vashamanaya Strim Hara Blem Hrim Am Bhagamalini Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah."

The Dakshinamurti Samhita depicts a distinct figure (dhyana). In chapter 41, she is depicted as residing in the midst of a flowering forest, decorated with numerous gems, holding a noose, a goad, a book, scales, a nail, and a writing stick, and demonstrating the mudras or hand motions for calming worries and dispensing blessings. Her yantra is also characterized in several ways, such as a triangle, a hexagon, 16 petals, and eight petals, followed by the BhuPura or a fence.

For People who are born under Valarpirai Dwitiya or Theipirai Chathurdashi, this Nitya Devi's yantra is a must for worship.
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