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Black Karungali Mala (Ebony wood Mala)

Black Karungali Mala (Ebony wood Mala)

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Ebony is a gorgeous dark wood reminiscent of Lord Narayana's dim shape. Ebony Mala is made from a rich black, darkened wood traditionally used for sacred objects because the dark woods are connected with deepest and most sublime attributes of God or deity. The Black ebony wood is polished and features a great texture and ambience which will improve with prayer and headline.

Black Ebony mala raises concentration and aids in meditation. Black Ebony wood is known to be popular among Indian heirs. Black Ebony mala helps to eliminate the fetters of anger, hate and delusion. Black Ebony mala may be utilised in the worship of almost all deities. The is very higher calibre Black Ebony mala.


Black ebony Mala alias Karungali Mala is a quick remedial Jewellery for Planet Mars Related issues like Financial Debts, Diseases and Enmity Problems. 

108 Beads- 8mm & 6mm

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