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Chitra Nitya Yantra (Energized) 4 inches

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Sri Chitra Nitya, the Tithi Nitya for Pournami, and Krishna Padyamai, the day following the full moon.

Sri Chitra Nitya Devi Is Radiant As Rising Sun. She is adorned with nine valuable gems. Her crown is also comprised of nine precious stones. She is dressed in vibrant silk fabric. Her pure and sweet smile reveals that she is in utter happiness. She Satisfies Every Desire Of Her Devotees. She Is Holding Pasha, Noose, And Ankusha, The Good In Two Hands, While Her Other Two Hands Use Abhaya And Varada Mudra To Calm Fears And Grant Blessings. She is seated in the center of the yoni in the lotus' calyx in her auspicious form, surrounded by numerous Shakti Devis.